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A Dog’s Thought for Tuesday

“The greater love is a mother’s; then comes a dog’s; then a sweetheart’s” – Polish Proverb

If you have a favorite quote, proverb, saying, poetry or a cartoon please post your thoughts are most welcome. Have a super day.


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A Christmas Gift – Dog Food request on the Radio

Saturday I spoke with the Ukiah/Mendocino Co. Animal Care and Control. Yes they are doing their best to foster and adopt out the dogs. However their concern is Dog Food to feed the 80+ dogs at the shelter. With the county budget being hard press to feed the dogs being dropped off.

I asked what special brand of Dog Food? Canidae All Natural Dog Food you can pick up a bag at Rainbow Ag in Ukiah/Lakeport. The Shelter is open Wednesday to Saturday for receiving.

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A Home for Christmas – Shelter Crisis

On the radio an announcement was made – The Ukiak animal shelter was double it’s capacity load for dogs. The Shelter can hold 40 dogs, the numbers stand over 90+.

Ukiah is in Northern California, in Mendocino County.

Let’s see and do something to give these dogs a chance.

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A christmas Gift a Home – Friday

There was a cute 8 week Pembroke Corgi puppy at the Rainbow Ag Holiday Party. She was sweet and just a went along with the activities.

I promised my self to keep looking at other breeds for the month. So the Goldren Retreiver, growing up with the big head and brown eyes, with facial and eyes brow expressions, wavy curls coat and a sweet disposition. One character trait I like about the breed… their big hearts and loyality. Great around kids and you do need to have active lifestyle. They are thinkers, smart and best of all the breeds intuitive natured to read a room or a person emotions.

The Rainbow Age Holiday party was a success. So many people and freindly faces. A great opportunity to catch up.

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The Happy Act – Hey…giddy up and and read : )

A Great article from USA TODAY to provide more on the issues of the bill. The more we know, the we undestand, the more benefits us all.

Benefits: Cats, Dogs, Horses

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Holiday party & discounts at Rainbow Ag Thursday Dec 3

Here for Lake and Mendocino County dog, cat, horse lovers and all the smaller pets, plus 4-H projects come to Rainbow Ag’s Holiday Party. 6 to 8 pm Tonight.

Book signing for personally signed copies of Darby Story at 7 t0 8 pm

See you there… last year was fun, this year will be great…. : )

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A Christmas Gift It’s Not a Sweater

Cardigan a soft woven collarless sweater or jacket that botton down the front… Not quite what I am looking for…. do you have one with four legs stands about 12 inches?….You want a Cardigan Welsh Corgis… what color? Comes in many colors with or without white marketings.

Question ? What is the 1 difference between a Pembroke Corgi and a Cardigan Corgi?

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