First Shots for Puppy part 2

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To continue with raising a healthy puppy to adulthood. There is one important Vaccination that covers a larger group of nasties, so talk with your Veterinarian.

In the part 1,  I mentioned several vaccinations recommended by Veterinarians:

 Kennel cough/Bordetella vaccine, Parvovirus, Lyme disease.

First shot at eight weeks the DHPP (or DHLPP) vaccine, what does all the letters mean?

D is for Distemper: Distemper is a virus that causes respiratory and neurologic signs in young puppies. The virus is shed in body secretions, therefore coughing, sneezing, and even urination can spread the virus. After a seven day incubation period, you may notice discharge from the eyes and nose, fever, decreased appetite, and coughing. In the neurologic form of the disease, the pup may have tremors and seizures. 

Distemper is difficult to definitively diagnose, and is often treated on the suspicion of clinical signs. There is no specific treatment for distemper – treatment centers on supportive care while the puppy mounts his own immune response. 


H is for Hepatitis: Contagious hepatitis is spread through ingestion of the urine, feces, blood or saliva of an infected animal. This virus replicates in the tonsils and then affects the liver and kidneys. Clinical signs follow a four-to-nine day incubation period. Affected puppies usually have a fever, a lack of appetite and abdominal pain. Swelling of the cornea can lead to “blue eye” and other symptoms of liver failure (jaundice) may occur. Severe cases cause bleeding, and may require blood transfusions. There is no cure for hepatitis. Treatment is supportive and includes fluid therapy and antibiotics. 


P is for Parvovirus: Parvovirus is almost exclusively a disease of puppies, and is often fatal. (Mention is part 1) Parvo is everywhere, in the environment! Your clothes or shoes and even survive freezing temperatures can come with you!!. 


P is for Parainfluenza: kennel cough ( Mentioned part 1), parainfluenza is a respiratory disease that can progress to pneumonia.  It is spread through contact with nasal secretions of an infected dog, and it’s most common clinical sign is coughing.


L is for Leptospirosis: Leptospirosis is not a virus, but a type of bacteria called a spirochete. It is spread by contact with the urine of an infected host animal (usually rodents). Once infected, the organism spreads rapidly through the blood causing joint pain, depression, and fever before it settles in the kidney, ultimately causing kidney failure. Sometimes the liver is also affected. Leptospirosis is deadly, and even more importantly, humans can be infected through contact with contaminated urine. Leptospirosis tends to be a disease of dogs with an outdoor lifestyle because it is often associated with ponds or other standing water.  Because the vaccine for lepto sometimes causes a vaccine reaction, we tend to leave this vaccine out of the mix for small breed dogs, especially if they lead an indoor lifestyle.

 In general, puppies start with a DHPP vaccine at eight weeks old and get boosters at 12 and 16 weeks. The “L” or lepto part of the vaccine, will be added at the 12 and 16 week visits for dogs considered at risk of exposure. 

For more information speak with your Veterinarian. or visit American Veterinary Medical Assocaition



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