The other shoe drops on Patrick’s Law

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To help remind us all, be a voice for the animals, file your non-profit status with the IRS, and provide resources to assist. This Writer make a very good point… Please read~ Martha

The other shoe drops on Patrick’s Law

Dear Nancy, 

Below is the email that I tried to send to send through your website but it has too many characters.  Myself and others have a group on Facebook following Patrick’s Law statements.  There are too many inconsistencies in comments posted by Patrick’s Law as well as answers to questions from followers. 

A member of our group was able to cut & paste the comment thread in which Patrick’s Law demanded States take their pages down, however, the comment from Patrick’s Law calling followers idiots was deleted.  But, other comments referring to the name-calling and threats are still in the document.  
We also have emails between Patrick’s Law and an administrator from a State page.  There is also a claim of copyright and/or trademark infringement and plagairism of any other Facebook pages using the words “Patrick’s Law.”  The copyright, plagairism, and “dog’s name Law” comment are listed on Patrick’s Law Info page.  
We have an email from an ex-administrator of the Patrick’s Law page as well as screen shots of nasty comments from Patrick’s Law to followers. Thank you for responding so quickly.  My #1 concern is neglected and abused animals and I don’t want the “cause” to get a bad rap because one person is on an ego trip.
I grew up in New Jersey and my family and friends still reside in the Garden State.  Animal advocacy is my passion.  I am a member of the ASPCA, I have been a foster home for displaced dogs, I adopt dogs, and I donate time, money, and supplies to my local animal shelters.  I have long since accepted my purpose in life, to do what I can to help homeless, abused, and neglected animals.
Like so many people worldwide, Patrick’s plight has affected me deeply.  Unfortunately, animal abuse and cruelty occurs everyday around the world.  Many animals do not have receive the media attention, blogs, news articles, and Facebook pages as Patrick.  I am especially concerned about the Patrick’s Law Facebook page and website,  There have been many Facebook pages and websites dedicated solely to Patrick, but none have the following as Patrick’s Law, 40,000 plus Facebook users worldwide.
At first I was ecstatic with the Patrick’s Law initiative, its founder, and the effort put forth by the team.  I followed the page daily, I was ready to jump on the bandwagon and join their team.  I was of the opinion Patrick’s Law was an angel sent from Heaven.  Finally, a group of people willing and able to do whatever it takes to raise awareness about animal cruelty and effect change. 
Alternately, I was cautious and hesitant.  During my years fighting this cause I have come across what I call predators, groups and individuals that tug your heartstrings and suck you dry emotionally, physically, and monetarily.  I am not accusing Patrick’s Law of being a predator; however, I feel it necessary to share my unpleasant experience with the Patrick’s Law organization.
According to the Patrick’s Law Facebook page, the page was created in the wee hours of the morning after learning about the heinous crime committed against Patrick. In just a few short days, Facebook users flocked to the page.  Subsequently, several pages were created in support of Patrick’s Law, including The Patrick’s Law Movement – NJ, where Patrick was found.  Soon, many Patrick’s Law Movement State pages were created and Patrick’s Law followers joined those pages in order to effect change in their State.  On Thursday, March 31, 2001, Patrick’s Law posted a comment demanding State’s take down their pages because Patrick’s Law did not “approve” the State pages or their content.  This comment sparked an outrage. Patrick’s Law comments became aggressive, attacking State pages for not following orders.  Patrick’s Law used profanity and called administrators of the State pages “idiots” and “trolls.”  Patrick’s Law also accused State pages of copyright infringement because the founder “owns the rights to the name Patrick’s Law.”  As a result, Patrick’s Law reported State pages to Facebook as fake or duplicate pages and the pages were shut down.
Because I was weary and concerned about Patrick’s Law actions and comments, I posted a comment asking Patrick’s Law about their non-profit status and questioned their “ownership” of the name Patrick’s Law.  I received an indirect response from Patrick’s Law, I blocked from posting comments on their page.  It is my opinion that if followers do not agree with the Patrick’s Law team or raise questions concerning their motives, you’re cut off; not only from posting comments but joining their efforts as well.
I believe Patrick’s Law, its founder, and team are misleading followers and misrepresenting their organization for reasons unbeknownst to me.  An example of this is their mission statement.  Patrick’s Law Mission Statement reads, “Change animal abuse laws on a State & Federal level, so that it is a serious felony with severe consequences, including extensive prison time.”  
Animal cruelty laws cannot be changed at the Federal level. According to the American Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), “There is no federal cruelty law—and technically, there cannot be. Animal cruelty is dealt with on the state level because the United States Constitution limits the areas in which Congress can pass federal laws applicable nationwide (Article 1, Section 8), and instructs that everything else is up to individual states to handle.”2   
Additionally, Patrick’s Law posted a note, “Need 100 People who will Run Our Official Patrick’s Law page for their State.” The note informs followers to send an email if they wish to be considered for a volunteer unpaid Administrator/Moderator position for Patrick’s Law State pages. Individuals selected for these positions will be required to sign a “Confidentiality/Non-Compete Agreement.” If this is a “volunteer/unpaid” position, why is it necessary to sign a confidentiality/non-compete agreement?
For the record, I am not offended that I have been blocked from commenting or working with Patrick’s Law, I am genuinely concerned and, in hindsight, grateful.  I am concerned if the Patrick’s Law organization has motives other than those stated, followers will get discouraged with the animal cruelty cause altogether and give up.  I will continue my efforts locally and regionally, I will continue to write lawmakers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania demanding changes in the laws governing animal abuse and cruelty, and I will continue to be a voice for homeless, abused, and neglected animals world wide.
Nancy L. Young-Houser posted April 6, 2011. To read Nancy’s blog and commentaries visit this link.
Permission to copy and paste Nancy’s Blog post on file.

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