Enough Already, The Pen is mighter than the Sword

April 6, 2011 at 12:44 pm 1 comment

I dearly appreciate individuals and animal groups helping to awaken America regarding the abuse of animals. So many stories have headliners, and fan pages to help draw awareness and concern Patrick, Caroline, the puppies. The list is endless.

I clearly want to help and support, it takes VOICES of MANY to Help those with NO VOICES.  Here are a few links to help raise those voices. Each person can say “ENOUGH” it take a few minutes to raise the Pen, in this case tap the key board, to be heard. Remember to be an advocate; a person or group who speaks, writes in support of a cause on behalf of another.

OpenCongress is a wonderful means to stay in touch with your local representatives past 111th Congress to present 112th Congress.  1 email concerning  a bill to your Senator  and Congressman is most effect. The representative if really good, will respond back to you via email or even a letter. Explaining their position and what they plan on doing about the bill. Open Congress website  provides information for all States. www.opencongress.com

“OpenCongress brings together official government data with news and blog coverage to give you the real story behind each bill.”

The Humane Society Legislative Fund recently released their Humane Scorecard for the 111th Congress. The report card shows the issues that were up for a vote and how each legislator voted on a state-by-state basis. I always find the report card quite interesting, both in terms of how various members voted and in which animal-related issues made it all the way through the maze that is the legislative process and came up for a vote.

Here is the Direct Link:  111th Congress Humane – Scorecard Direct Link

For California residence here is our means to speak up and write for AB 2012: California Assembly Direct Link

Sadly to say California past ‘Governator Arnold’ vetoed AB 2012 ( August 2010), Here is the link to review the history and who supported the bill AB 2012.   

Shame on you Arnold, what a legacy… that might later bite you in your ‘you know where’. 

Best to you this day, if you have any information or input please share.

Thank you,



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