Whose going to trim the hoof? Save your Farrier’s Job

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We are fighting for our rights and opposing SB 697 in the California Legislature.  The bill is sponsored by the Veterinary Medical Board and is a job killer and an effort to make non-veterinary pet services illegal and create a veterinary monopoly in the animal industry.  The bill is about “unlicensed” persons.  That is EVERYONE in the State that is not a veterinarian.
The definition of  practicing veterinary medicine is: 
Diagnosing a disease or ailment or if the activity cures or prevents disease.
The bill was primarily introduced to make anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs and cats illegal.  The Vet Board is currently changing its regulation to exclude the use of scalers crippling teeth cleaners from performing their job. 
This action is being taken despite the lack of consumer complaints.
This veterinary money grab will also affect the below because they can be considered as practicing veterinary medicine because they help animals.
Tooth Floating
Animal Physical Rehabilitation
Embryo Transfer
Pet Stores
Historically there are many fields that overlap the veterinary industry.
Please help us stop SB 697.  Write a letter opposing SB 697.  Please send us a copy.
Address your letter to:
Senator Bill Emmerson
State Capitol Room 4082
Sacramento, CA  95814
916-651-4037  call him too and let him know you are opposed to SB 697
Fax 916-327-2187  Please mail and fax your letter.
Thank you in advance for your help!
Peter Mitchell
P.O. Box 420
Shingletown, CA 96088
1-800-242-9966  Canine Care has offered to help us with phone calls.
Fax 1-800-242-0085
Please send us a copy of your letter (very important!).  Support by associations are EXTREMELY helpful. 
Supporting our cause List
Chilly Pepper and Honey Bandit- Miracle Mustang Equine Rescue
Humane Organizations
California Legislatures
Veterinarians that want what’s best for animals
Federal Trade Commission http://www.petownersrights.org/resources/FTC.pdf
Hundreds of Thousands of Pet Owners
Can we add you to our list of supporters and one that opposes SB 697?
Sample Letter
Senator Bill Emmerson
State Capitol Room 4082
Sacramento, CA  95814
Opposition to SB 697 that gives the Veterinary Medical Board authority over all CA citizens
Dear Senator Bill Emmerson,
There is a long history of the Veterinary Medical Board’s attempts to make non-veterinary animal services illegal.  They don’t want competition.  They have failed at every attempt thus far.  Please don’t let them succeed at this one.  There is enough for all. 
There are thousands of people that are non-veterinarians that provide services to pets.  The VMB wants to monopolize all animal services.  That is not fair.  I have the right to choose what is best for my pet.  Non-vets save me a lot of money and they are very good at what they do.  Don’t let them take my rights away and force me to use veterinarians only.  Competition in the market place is good.  This SB 697 is VERY bad for small businesses!
Kind regards,
Your Name
City, State Zip

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What! I had NO IDEA? ~ Save Your Pet Groomer’s Job Down to the wire, SB 697, need not pass!

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