On the Road Again…Just can’t wait…Prospect & Ed

April 28, 2011 at 9:03 am

In the past several months I have had the pleasure on Facebook to meet a wonderful dog named Prospect and his human, Ed The Chauffeur. The two meet and their story is another wonderful tale of what true Love and Devotion means, Their personal message is, “By helping Prospect, he helped me more. He’s helped me learn what’s important in life.”

Darby and I had the same love and devotion. He was my best friend and a great companion. I loved Darby so much, a book was made to honor him. An inspiring story each page encourages pet adoption, and the hardship these wonderful dogs go through to find their forever homes. Many wonderful reviews are posted, please pick up copy and share with your family and friends. www.darbysstory.com

Prospect and Ed are traveling the United States, speaking engagement and helping educate the young and old about the importance to adopt a shelter dog. Here is Prospect and Ed’s update at the Ohio event, “The event in Ohio is an awards ceremony for a poster contest through Animal
 Rescue SuperHighway’s (ARS)  Koala Kids Club.  Melanie’s focus with ARS is
 prevention of animal cruelty through education.  She asked if I would talk about
 Prospect, how he was abandoned, etc.”

To read more about Prospect and Ed’s adventures: http://www.k9roadtrip.com/pages/view/167/in-our-words

One of my favorite books Where’s Waldo, I can say the same about my two friends, Where is Prospect and Ed?April is coming to a fast close, so these dates have past, however their stories and adventures are captures. The photos

of Prospect on the beach with the sea spray on his face, and sand between his toes. He is a happy dog and rejuvenated.

April 17 – 30 Travel through PA, MD, VA, DC, & possibly Delaware.

If you have a chance and in the neighborhood May 1st, Come visit Prospect and Ed and tell them Darby and Martha sent you.

Remember May 1 is this coming Sunday – Prospect will be the special guest at Petpalooza.com’s 7th Annual Pet Expo.

For more information about Petpalooza go to www.petpalooza.com or

check up with Prospect and Ed on http://www.k9roadtrip.com/pages/view/167/in-our-words

Prospect and Ed be safe on the roads, and until then have a Happy Wagging Tail Adventure!

Best to you this day ~ Martha


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