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A Dog Named… for Christmas

The last day before December, the year is coming to an end. Seems like yesterday the year 2011 began. December is a magical month, inspiring hope, good cheer, the fellowship of friends and family. Yet, there are so many unsure and uncertain what Christmas means to that person.

What of the animals who remember the warmth and love of their best friend, a young child, the bond of his master, and the joy of being a family member, the soft bed, the smiles we shared? What could we do this Christmas Holiday to help those lost, seeking a home, the comfort of unconditional love?

Being a seeker of hope, a wonderful movie was shown on the Hallmark Channel. A young man with disabilities sought a solution to help his local animal shelter. He thought out of the box how to reach families willing to foster dogs from the shelter just for a few days for Christmas. A simple call to the local TV News station did the trick, the segment was aired. The young boys efforts to reach beyond his own comfort to make a holiday movement came true. All the dogs found a foster home for Christmas.

Feel inspired ask your local animal shelter if you can promote the gift of giving an animal a foster home for the holidays.

Share the message of hope Darby and Bangle Bear inspire pet adoption through the pages, you too can inspire this Christmas season.


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