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May the Holiday Season Begin!!!

Well I love the Christmas season, so I started early. The day after Thanksgiving a Noble Pine standing 10 feet now stands in the living room adorned with white light and a wide variety of ornaments. Reopening the boxes filled with years of memories is an annual treat. The first ornament on the tree was my son’s preschool gift, lollipop sticks glued together with sparkles and in the middle a photo of him.

That year, a few weeks before Christmas we decided together to include a special addition to the family. A boy and his dog stories have been around since well before Lassie. I grew up with dogs. The experience of a big dog warming your bed in the coldest of winters in New England is a warm memory. My son about the age of 2 fell in love with my parents dog, Casey a beautiful Golden retriever, she was one of the 2 pups we kept. My son and Casey bonded, Drew at nap time would not slept in the bed provided, choice to cuddle with Casey on the floor.

That Christmas our special addition; the boy had his own big dog, a red sable coat husky mix with the sweetest brown eyes. Darby about a year old was a perfect age and size for my son. As the weeks past the bond grew.  The following spring both athletic enjoyed playing Tennis. A wonder game of fetch and opportunity to practice serving the ball.

The adoption of Darby transformed the house, providing warmth on cold night, unconditional love, the bond of a young boy, and comfort to all.

Inspired? wish to inspire more… consider adopting a dog or providing a good book to inspire pet adoption through the pages this Christmas. You may have a dog named…. for Christmas this season. A family gift.




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