Are you ready for some football?

February 1, 2012 at 2:36 pm Leave a comment

This year bowl will be a good tough game, the players’ have worked hard, their minds are sharp, the coaches and trainers are ready. All have gone over each play physically and mentally. This Sunday at 3pm on Animal Plant The 8th Puppy Bowl is ready. Highlights of the starting team are set, ready to play a good game.

Puppy Bowl II DVD

Hey what happen to the Super Bowl? Well I wish each team their best game, Brady may win his 4th ring. Patriots v Giants will have a lots of moves, passes, and field goals. The commercials, the ones with early releases are a hoot, the VW Dogs barking the Star Wars theme is marvelous. I understand Madonna is singing half-time, should be good.

Let go back to the Puppy Bowl, most may not be aware of this, those puppies listed for the start-up game are available for adoption. truly a fantastic way to reach and show the TV viewers the wonderful and talented variety of Puppies. I hope that even after the game, a person, a family would consider adopting a dog. If you’re not sure how to select a dog, first think about your lifestyle. For example is the back yard fenced, will the new family member stay with you and the family in the house, how much room and time will you have? Another thought to ponder are dogs are social creatures, they really want to be with you, in a dogs world that would be 24/7. Yet between work and the sports activities will the new member be there with you? Those are real questions to ask. In my own personal experience, adopted dogs are the best, Darby was an incredible, loving and smart. Darby was the best present I could have had, my son had the joy of growing up with Darby. Their adventures are captured in time, the photos around the house remind us to celebrate his life. You too can be included in Darby’s Life by reading his book or better than that adopt your own family dog. Create your own great life with your special pet.

For more information

Enjoy your Sunday Puppy Bowl, may the best team win!


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