Grateful for “B” Brookwood

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Inspiring teacher with incredible book can change your life.

The setting: A shy and uncertain little girl enters  kindergarten my teacher Madam Gibbons taught French and English. A bit over whelming and yet pleasant memories linger. The french songs still run through my head once in awhile “FARA JAQUA FARA JAQUA DORMAY VUE DORMAY VUE SONE LE…”. That is my first memory of Brookwood school started with Madam Gibbons.  The Head Master at that time was Pip Cutler, a wonderful man, who loved children and you knew it. Each student could visit his office, because you could. If you lost your tooth during school hours, the school nurse or office staff Nancy O’ Brien, would wash the tooth. Mr Cutler than would reach into his desk and pull out a little plastic treasure box, place the tooth with in, tell you a story. You take the treasure box home for the tooth fairy. So funny what you remember : )

The last year was a wonderful experience, who would be my head room teacher… Madam Gibbons, now that to me is poetry in the finest. One special teacher that year Bob Kay, the English teacher, a note after 37 years Mr Kay retired, and yet he continues to inspire students to be great teachers. Mr Kay’s English class was an accomplishment for us both, you see I had a fear of reading, books left me frozen. Just the notion to pick up a book and reading for a book report was not pleasant.

With fear and trepidation in my heart, I knew that the spring semester, the required reading book… ” The yearling” By Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, (now celebrating 50th edition) my word the book is big, over four hundred pages, I wanted to run and hide. There was no way I could finish, let alone start this book.

Now, Being big and brave I took on the challenge that griped my heart with pounding thunder. I had settled in the living room on the coach with a blanket, and opened to the first page. I was hooked like a gold-fish, turning the pages turned into chapters. Stopping was not an option, I was transformed to the setting Florida, the boy in the story and the aventures… I wanted more.

I finished the book in two weeks, and thought about the book for a few days before I took a pencil in hand. The book report a required part of Mr Bob Kay’s 8th grade English class was the best mountain I could climb. I submitted the book report on time and waited. The waiting just killed me, not good at writing and felt so less of a person because of my weak writing skills. I dredged the poor grade I just knew I was going to receive.

The day approached, the book report were handed back, not sure if Mr Kay wanted to torcher me or what, but I got the paper last and with a not so pleasing expression on Mr Kay’s face. The report had been folded in half, to provide privacy. I looked up at my teacher… and opened to find…….. a large “A”.

You see it take an inspiring teacher with an inspiring book, to feed your inspirations.

Thank you Mr Bob Kay for all you did for me and my fellow classmates. Your efforts will remain with me forever.

~ Martha Steward


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