“H” Mrs. Hodermarsky’s Latin Class

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Can an old dead language expand your knowledge base without coughing under another’s breath…. ‘really latin… why?’ then provide a pig latin joke or too.

Teachers’ teach to see at least one if not a few of their students each year be touch with the yahaaa…moment. This lady spoke with a gentle soothing tone. The encouragement was inspiring. The book, written in latin with growing development of the vocabulary and grammar functions. Transformed so many of my daily classes, that a simple word was discovered in another subject. My vocabulary grew and the ability to define words I was not familiar became easier.

Passing on the tradition, my son homeschooled, to the day he graduated from High school, he was required to have a minimum of 2 years of a foreign language. We talked about the options and if he wishes to apply for his AP class at the Jr. College for spanish. He decided to discover the history and the language of Latin. The latin course included a CD audio, a workbook, flash cards and the teacher manual with the extra assignment for those loving the moment. He did within his journey his vocabulary expanded his thinking started to apply more across the subject of history and science. He was able to hear latin words when listening to Spanish, Italian and French. Why? Latin is the mother of the romance languages of europe. Scholars have continues the study of latin since the time of Greece and Rome.

Would your child, struggling to understand a subject or may be more kinetic is their thinking benefit from flash cards? To develop their english, science, arts, history vocabulary just by a latin word or two a week?

 Take moment and show your child a quarter. What does it say? “E pluribus unum” ~ one of many. Let’s look at the dollar bill, ” annuit coeptis” ~ agreed to undertakings, then “novus ordo seclorum ” ~ the new order of age.  The child now knows a bit of American history and a start to how latin is hidden in our daily lives.  It’s a basic start to discover the importance to integrate subjects together.

Gone to  museum lately with a tour guide, the person showing you the items from room to room is a “doceo” … a teacher.

A child has a dental check up, to clean the teeth “dentis”

Sailing is a fun activity, sea or fresh water the sun and the wind, well one important thing to remember is to “Navigo” navigate the vessel.

Do you have family serving in the armed forces.  Each branch has their moto. ~ For my son a USMC, “Semper Fidelis”

I just saying look into incorporating latin around your daily life to enrich the children to grow abundantly.

Thank you, Mrs. Hodermarsky ~ Veni, vidi, vici !!!

(I came, I saw, I conquered)


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