“O” Ode To Lake County Authors

March 17, 2012 at 8:09 am 1 comment

Our adventures to Read Across America, takes us to my community of Lake County, California, a nugget of Authors reside here. I would like to take a moment to introduce some of my nearest author friends. In hope you too will appreciate these talented writers.

Steve Bartholomew, effectually known as  Bart is an old fashion kind of guy, and I mean when I say that. His dress is very suited to the 1880′ style of dress, hat boots and of course the jacket with tie. Here a bit of Bart’s dry humor from an excerpt from his profile on Amazon “Learned a lot about people, including me. Then I gave up my day job. Now I’m an outlaw writer in an outlaw county. I mean I like to write about outlaws. Lake County has always been an outlaw–blessedly isolated from the rest of the State by a ring of mountains that allows only a few ways in or out. The county is notorious for its flakes, weirdos and crackpots, which is why I ended up here. It’s also one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Bart’s novels have a delightful dry humor, the setting are a wonderful journey to the days of old. Several of his book I have read and are part of my treasure collection. Here are my top three book, Bart has a great selection on his Amazon page. First review my favorites, then visit his page, Ok.

The Terrorist Plot at Gopherville Now the cover does not do the story justice… your are up for a wild tale of government intrigue and a story that take you deep into the mastery of intelligence…

Journey To Rhyolite A journey back in the time when outlaws and damsels in distress. The setting of the story takes you make to a town that was, and how life can change a town….

Gold: A Tale Of The California Gold Rush History done no other way Bart does it again, he takes you there, you will feel and breathe the days of the Gold Rush of California.

For more information on Bart’s Book’s Please visit Bart’s Amazon Page


Another wonderful Author is Kit Decanti, her suspenseful mysteries could stand on their own- Kit typically wraps an intriguing romance around them. As if a mystery and romance weren’t enough- Kit DeCanti also takes you on a vivid word tour of the fascinating Lake County, California where she and her husband has lived since 1996.

Take a walk or a drive after reading one of Kit’s books and you will experience the da sha vue.

Secret On Cobb Mountain Her first books Secret on Cobb Mountain set the tone for the following, her second book

Return To Cobb Mountain Return to Cobb Mountain, is a cliff hanger, it’s not until the third book rolled off her desk, That I was asked to do a write up.

Konocti Caves Here is my write up: “… I found myself glued to the pages, a the story unfolds. An incredible story for teens and adult readers alike.”

For more information on Kit’s books visit  Kit’s Amazon Page

Collectively the list of lake county authors is long, each have their own style including self help and poetry. A good spot to see the variety is Konocti Writer Author Circle ( KWAC) on FB Visit KWAC


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