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Green Acres Report

Where have you been? One may ask….

Over the past several weeks, spring is abundant with green grass ripe for mowing, the barn is prepped for a fresh coat of paint. The geese have had their babies, and with 2 more female (doe) pigmy goats have arrived. The edible garden in the backyard is flourishing with large delicious artichokes, the squash is growing wild, the roses are in full bloom.

 Life is good.

The few short moments in the office, several projects have been completed, emails from dear friends have been replied, so I am taking this early morning hours to share with you. A book trailer near and dear to me. Bangle Bear our Manx cat has a message for you. I hope and so does she that you will share with others her special message.

Enjoy this book trailer and please share with others.

Have  great day!



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Celebrate Life, takes a moment in time….

To celebrate or not to celebrate is the question of the moment for those who loss a love one. The past month was a moment I knew one day would happen, just not so soon on that day. April 16th my Dad past away. A week later, the family gathered for a beautiful grave service then to the church for a memorial service. Dad enjoyed the moment for the each moment to celebrate and honor him was short and sweet. He was not one for fluff.

Afterwards family and the extended family, friends from elementrary school through his most current  came to share the grief of a great man at the social. The day and into the afternoon was a beautiful and peaceful sunny New England day. Those who have visited New England can relate to this weather report, ” Wait five minutes” the weather will most likely change. The weather held up for Dad’s Day.

This is why I have been so quiet, attempting to live by the moment, cause a day was just too long. I was lost in the fog of loss. I did not pay attention to the day or the hour. Upon my return I contacted several business projects to let them know… I’ll get my groove back on….. one at a time.

So here I am share a tender moment of my life. Gleening from Darby’s Story, I shall share with you a most befitting from his book.

Positive Healing

I have no idea how long I stayed over my best friend’s body, caressing his soft ears and just telling him, over and over again, how thankful I was to have had him in my life and how much I loved him. I was so going to miss this wonderful dog, and I needed to celebrate his life and find joy and comfort in knowing that he would always be with me. Death is not bad in the circle of life; death will happen to us all. I needed to remember and picture the memories we had shared. The joy and laughter this family had experienced. Would I miss Darby? Always. Could there be another dog to replace himno way. Maybe, just maybe, another dog needing a good home with lots of love would cross my path, just like Darby had. His collar and leash still hang by the front door.”

Dad, I miss you so much, Thank you for being the first to read Darby’s manuscript. Your words of encouragement, thoughtful tender suggestions helped me make the book.

In loving memory with buttons and bows



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