On the Fourth day we shall Pursue the Goal

October 4, 2012 at 10:15 am 2 comments

We shall continue the goal to expand the awareness, October is Adopt a Shelter Dog. In the enjoyable coincidence of the name of todays blog The Paperback Pursuer, we to shall pursue the goals of reaching out and sharing the incredible joy rescue animals make great pets. The Host of The Paperback Pursuer, Alizabeth touched my heart. If I had not known about Darby’s Story nor Bangle Bear’s books, the reviews are complelling. Please take a moment, visit this great blog and share your thoughts, How Are you Going To Encourage Adopt a Shelter Dog  The Paperback Pursuer: Review

If you missed the past posts come along and visit these great blogs. So let’s head over to the United Kingdom to read Rachel thoughts about the books ~ Visit With Rachel in the UK, after you  read  Rachel’s post leave a comment, let Rachel know your thoughts about the post??? I did : ) I give  Stressed Rach Blog a five paws salute.

Here’s a name….. “It’s all about me”  Well let’s take a look, upon review of this blog….. it truly is not. The book reviews are sincere. So to go there and see for yourself click on the link It’s all about me Blog Book reviews  remember to leave a comment : ) 

The magic of the www is the opportunity with just a blink of eye, travel to a blogger in India. Vida’s blog is a great chance to review books we may not have the opportunity. I was asked to write an article for Vida’s blog, mainly  my passion to encourage  pet adoption with a focus to help in the prevention of unwanted animals. The article is called “Stop the Madness from a Dog’s Point of View” go ahead and take a moment to visit  Books Are Magic with Vidya remember to leave a comment.
The holidays are coming fast, Cat Wisdom 101 a purrrfect day  is having a GiveAway!  Yesterday I mentioned the wonderful selection of cat books, plus the opportunity to win a GiveAway. Personally, books  will always be a great Christmas gift. I can say the books on my shelf and shared with my son have brought warm memories of a good bedtime story.
We are heading over to a Blog called Identity Discovery, ID completed a book review on both books; Darby and Bangle Bear. While I ponder the name of the Blog I feel deep in my heart there is a message here…. provide a rescue dog an Identity. Let’s discover together the joyful impact by adopting a rescue dog and providing the newest member of the family an Identity. Identity Discovery Blog remember to leave a comment : )
So where are we heading tomorrow? To continue the book tour to help bring awareness Rescues make great pet???  Stay tuned and be part of the message ~

“Encouraging pet adoption through the pages”.

So in celebration, October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month”, we start the campaign October 1st to 5th 2012.

I am pleased that on these special days I will have the opportunity to meet the blog host and their readers. Stay tuned for where we shall go……


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The Third Day ~ Book Tours Encourage Pet adoption On the Fifth day The Message Keep on Going

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