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 Darby has a story to share with families about rescue dogs and the lonely road to finding a forever home. He is a “Spokes Dog” for rescue animals everywhere. Darby is an expert on the adoption process, he can relate to other Dogs and Cats wishing behind a cage that one day they will be the lucky pet to finally go home.
I have had the best time receiving questions for the Book Tours. The questions provided have been and continue to be very thought provoking.  In the process of meeting some incredible people and their dogs, together we have assisted in the mission to share “Rescues Make Great Pets”. Here are the blogs and the links to read up.
My Photo Read Noah’s Interview with Darby, through the eyes of a rescue dog. 
From The Dog’s Paw – A bloggery of Dogs and Cats Part 1  
From the Dogs Paw Part 2
writing, writers, blogsNicole Pyles had the opportunity to read Darby’s Story and Bangle Bear’s books. I am so pleased to share with other animal lovers the special message these two books offer.
Nicole’s Blog The World of My Imagination

 Chicago Animal Advocacy Examiner A spot on moment, Keith created a pin supporting rescues for dogs.

My Photo Get to know the person, become good friends. Dicy McCulloughs: Living to Learn

Raychelle WritesRaychelle Writes ~ Writers Block Interviews

Book Tours: Here are two book trailers, within are the mission statement, a summary of the book and an encouraging word for rescue animals and families needing more insight to the importance of pet adoption. Darby’s Story and Bangle Bear both MCA Silver Book Award Winners for Best in Pet and Animal Care, inspiring books for all ages.

Bangle Bear encouraging Cat Adoption 

Darby’s Story encouraging Dog Adoption

Are you ready to take  Darby and Bear on a Book Blog Tour, to encourage animal adoption. You are encouraged to share the Book Trailers and information provided to assist your efforts to educate the public ~ ‘rescue animals make great pets’.
Interview with Martha Steward
Martha will provide insightful information on her own experiences for animal adoptions. The care and daily practice to integrate a new animal into your home. Her life style on the farm with her animals great and small, those have been needing forever homes. Her efforts to met the needs of the rescues coming into her life.
A college grad from PUC with a major in business, minor in legal research. Her mission to help and educate the public and be an animal advocate to improve the quality of life for a forever home.
Contact Martha Steward to set a book tour and interview
picabo1964 at yahoo dot com

Some questions asked in pet blog interview:

What inspired to you to write a book about pet adoption?

Why is there a note about military families on your site?

What do you mean by “blended family Issues”?

When Darby’s Story won the Mom’s Choice Awards, how did you feel?

Are there more books encouraging pet adoption,  and animal rescue stories?



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