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Martha Steward lives in Northern California on the family farm. The animals great and small live on the farm are adopted. Inspired to write a series for families on pet adoption, blended family issues, and the courage to be a Marine Mum.

Martha’s two books, Darby’s Story and Bangle Bear inspire pet adoption through the pages.  Both are MCA Silver recipients for Best Books in Pet and Animal Care. Each book goes through the process of finding the pet best suitable for your family. The benefit to spay and neuter your beloved pets. Each animal sets an example of blended family issues, the different personalities and their likes and dislikes. The stories are warm and funny, families will laugh at the conversation the pets have and the outrageous ways Bear teaches her human pets. On a special note these books help children with families members serving our country and the concerns for deployment. A warm and humorous stories for families to read together.  Reading level for children, about the age of 10 and up, children who enjoy reading for pleasure; weekend reading, summer reading list, or for school book report. Within the stories a reader will discover what is good sportsmanship, what love and devotion means to them, and how to make frozen grapes.

Read out Loud and Reading is a Joy

On March 2 is Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, to celebrate his efforts to encourage young readers, Darby’s Story and Bangle Bear will be promoting Children’s Literacy. National Education Association’s Read Across America Project. Started in 1997, this program focuses on motivating children and teens to read through events, partnerships, and reading resources. The project starts every year on March 2 honoring Dr. Seuss. Through out the month of March, Martha with her two books will be Blogging Read Across America. Starting with ‘A’ each post will be about inspiring authors’ with special messages within their pages. An encouraging word, a topic I feel I need to express. Hoping parents find that, They are not alone in the matters of a family concern. Possible the stars in Darby’s Story and Bangle Bear provide insight to the readers. Please share that Martha Steward Has taken the pledge to encourage Reading across America for 2012.

World Read a Loud Day – WRAD advocate March 7 spend the day reading out loud to your students, children, and the elderly. Sharing a book with another is a stimulating and reward time together. At 2pm please join me at the Lakeport Public Library on High Street, there is plenty of parking. I am in the children’s library section. For more information visit World read aloud day

Share A Story-Shape A Future We are blogging librarians, teachers, parents, illustrators, authors, and literacy passionistas. Share a story is an annual blog tour for literacy.

LEEF – Lakeport  Enhanced Education Foundation  Donating Darby’s Story and Bangle Bear provides two purposes families have 2 award-winning books to read and the money from the auction table supports this program for the classrooms at our local elementary school. For information and to create your own program visit

Lake County Literacy Coalition supports these stories. Darby’s Story is in the Literacy program to encourage ‘book worms’. The Literacy Coalition will be using Darby’s Story and Bangle Bear at fundraising events to provide income to support their Literacy Program. Lake County Literacy Coalition (LCLC) is a non-profit volunteer organization that sponsors and supports the Adult Literacy Program of Lake County Library. They also offer special training sessions on specific topics, such as ESL, learning disabilities and teaching grammar. They hold fund-raising events such as the Vineyard Run for Literacy and membership drives.

Each October Vineyard Run for Literacy – 5K and 10K runs  + 5K walk  at Steele Wines.

The Big Read is the first community project that the Lake County Office of Education is instituting to improve literacy countywide. Darby’s Story and the future publication of Martha Steward pet adoption stories for family/children reading will donate to financially support The Big Read.

An Open Invitation: Any Literacy Program may use Darby’s Story and Bangle Bear (Spring 2011 Release)

For their Program.

California Virtual Academy has welcome Darby’s Story to their book workshops and extra reading list.

The Author believes reading is fundamental. You are welcome to contact the author to receive free books for your Literacy program.

Literacy programs with a 501 c3 can contact the author for free books on page:  Can We help you reach more

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