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ShowTimes Folks at the OPIN Pet Tails Gala



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Your Dog’s a Star….

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Stardom:Your dog in pictures


 Your  Dog can be a star at the OPIN Pet Tails Video Awards Gala.


“Wash and prep your dog for his job this weekend, to act his best performance for The OPIN Pet Tails Video Contest.”

To submit your video before Sunday March 13th

 Upload your 30 second to 3 minute clip to

It’s FREE. Winner of each 5 categories wins a Flip Video Camera and a Jasper Award Trophy.

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Can we help you reach more – campaign 1 book left

Congratulation to the following recipients:

This spring season, three books are offered to non-profit animal organization for fundraising purposes.

Here are the first two, there is a third Darby’s Story book waiting to help your fundraising efforts.

Congratulations to Top Paw the first to receive Darby’s Story the Life of an Adopted Dog

 at Pugs & Pooches Winter Bark 2011.


Congratulations to Outreach to Pets in Need ‘OPIN’ the secondto receive Darby’s Story the Life of an Adopted Dog

 for the benefit at Pet Tail Awards Gala and Screening

Still on going Pet Tails Video Contest.

enter your pet into the Pet Tail Video Contest before March 13, 2011, it’s FREE !Here is what you need to enter:  Video clip must be 30 seconds to 3 minutes long.  Anyone can enter,

no matter where you live… it global!

Best video clip win: There are 5 categories.

A Winner of each of 5 categories wins a Flip Video camera and a Jaspar Award trophy Here is the link to OPIN Pet Tails Video Contest  entry form:
Remember the Video deadline is March 13, 2011.  Good Luck I will be watching!!!

There is 1 book on the shelf waiting to help your organization,

to contact the Author-

Can we help you reach more link:

For Facebook users

Happy Tails from me to you. Together we can “Be the Change for Animals”

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